HFH309464 Moda Uomo Adidas - Scarpe da calcio ACE15.1 Soft Ground Arancione Outlet

HFH309464 Moda Uomo Adidas - Scarpe da calcio ACE15.1 Soft Ground Arancione Outlet

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product DetailsIl calcio sta cambiando, e ogni squadra ha bisogno di un playmaker che abbia il controllo totale della partita, in grado di creare occasioni da gol e finalizzarle con precisione chirurgica. Un fuoriclasse inarrestabile in attacco e impenetrabile in difesa, tecnicamente perfetto. Le scarpe da calcio ACE15.1 sono pensate per questo tipo di giocatore. Sono dotate di superficie 3D CTRL/WEB che assicura tocchi, stop e passaggi millimetrici. La texture NON STOP GRIP (NSG) consente di mettere il pallone esattamente dove vuoi tu. Lo stabilizzatore del tallone CTRL/FIT e la configurazione dei tacchetti GROUND/CONTROL garantiscono un controllo di palla totale sulle superfici morbide.Cant stop scoring in these boots.feel great and look good 28 settembre 2015I didn't think these boots would be better than my Predators, but they are. Fit is snug, boot is really responsive and comfortable. 27 settembre 2015A lovely well designed boots, a blend of a classic adidas boot with a addition of modern technology. A lovely fit as the X seems to be an half size smaller. 24 settembre 2015Good boots there very comfy, I ussaly prefer leather boots but prefer theese to the leather ace 15.1 22 settembre 2015ACE15.1 Soft Ground Boots -PROS -Great looking boots, comfortable and true to sizeCONS - Replacement studs can only be Adidas and are only available online as Adidas have gone with a non-universal thread - not a major problem as long as you have ordered plenty of spares before needed!! 15 settembre 2015Have worn them twice now and they feel really comfortable and you get a good feel for the ball. 20 agosto 2015Im glad by looking at the other reviews im not the only one losing the studs with these boots.bit gutted paying that much money for a pair of boots,and having to replace the studs every game.Lovely boots though,and has not put me off buying adidas boots but maybe fix the stud problem :) 31 luglio 2015Excellent boots, great fit and design. Quick delivery from Adidas too. 30 luglio 2015The customised boots arrived quickly and initially happy with them. However, after wearing them in the local park for less than 30 minutes, we found 3 of the studs were missing. This is despite them being screwed on well with the (poor quality) gizmo provided. Then another fell off. Then another. All had been screwed on as tightly as possible.Customer Services at Adidas Online have been really good and we will get a partial refund to cover the cost of buying more moulded and metal studs to replace the ones lost.BUT ...- we feel there is a design / manufacturing issue with these boots and studs coming off is likely to keep happening. What happens when we run out? 27 luglio 2015

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